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About EclipsePlayz

Thank you for pledging to support me on YouTube and on Patreon. You're probably here because you want to become a Sponsor. A few things to note...

Sponsoring on Patreon will give you access to all YouTube Sponsor rewards except for the chat badge and sponsor emojis. Becoming a Patreon sponsor gives you access to my weekly Sponsor only live streams ,a special Sponsor rank on my Discord server, the ability to friend/follow me on Roblox,Fortnite and more. For a full list of rewards, be sure to check the description of a recent live stream on YouTube.

NOTE: After sponsoring, be sure you join my Discord server and link your Patreon account to Discord, that way you receive all the perks of being a sponsor. Instructions on how to do this should be emailed to you automatically after sponsoring. If you wish to be my friend on Roblox or Fortnite after becoming a Patreon sponsor, be sure to message me your one of your gaming username for either Roblox&Fortnite  name here on Patreon.

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