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Hi everyone ! <3
My name is Mina and I'm a german cosplayer and gamer. I'll post my cosplayprogress, tutorials and gaming. Cosplay is an amazing Art and a part of my life since 2004.
In June 2015 I started with self made cosplays and build 50 Costumes since than.
Cosplay is my way to bring magic in this world. My dream is to craft cosplays as my job and traveling from convention to convention all over the world. This is the reason why I create this patreonacount.I make Cosplays from Gaming, Anime, Manga and Oc too. There is nothing I left and the bigger the challenge, the more I want to do it. Cosplay makes magic happen. Maybe my dreams come true.
Its your free descision if you want to support me, I will thank you very much :)

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Hope you enjoy it! :)

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To be honest: I cant see anything. With contact lenses I may see 1 meter and than everything is blured and with glasses I see everything doubbled.
I save money for an eye operation to make more walkingact things, make up videos and cosplays who need special lenses. Thank you for your help!<3

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