is creating shitty, edgy content that nobody really requested.

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So you want to support my habit of laziness and see me how I am dumb everyday? Then be sure to become a patreon and get:

- special Discord role;

- being in a list of benefactors and mentioned at the end of my videos;

- being able to use text to speech on my Discord server;

- my thanks lol.




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So, yeah, if you managed to get here, well, I have to say I'm impressed.
Impressed that you care.
So here is my Patreon page, where you can support my dream of becoming the next internet sensation. It has been my goal since I was 12, watching Youtubers like Tobuscus and Pewdiepie and being fascinated by the world of media sharing. I mean, just creating your own shows is a very interesting idea, so I was easily pulled in this hobby.
If you like, you can support me by donating, but I guess it's more of a begging, so I'll make sure to feel rewarded by you money that are wasted well spent.
In the future I'll add more rewards as opportunities to reward fans will increase.
$0 of $100 per month
I can probably afford the buffiest PC on the world so I can record 4K ultra settings. Also will probably buy a decent microphone (probably). Ohh, and some games. And honestly I have no goal, but it is just to exist. *insert existential crisis*
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