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Your one stop shop for everything 80s! From television, movies, music, games, toys, fashion, and counter-culture of the 'me' generation to even the most insignificant 80s trends! Come join us as I turn back the clock and dive into my memories to see what life was like back during the 'age of excess'. So much happened during this decade that changed the world, so here's hoping that these videos give you just a little taste of what it was like to be...an 80s child.

Come join me on this journey into the past as a patreon and receive awesome bonuses such as a mention in my videos, early access to my reviews before they appear on youtube, and even the chance to choose your own topic for me to review! Totally Radical!
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For a ten dollar donation, you get a small 80s retro item of your choice! Can be a cassette tape of your favorite band, an old video game you loved to play, etc. Keep in mind, these items can be hard to find and quite expensive, so be reasonable with requests. Nothing large or expensive!

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