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Buy me a cup of coffee so i can struggle through editing videos at 3am. You will get a shout out at the end of each of my videos for helping support the channel!

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Pledge 5 dollars and get a free sketch each month of your choosing! This will allow me to invest in more content for the channel not limited to products, lighting, and hopefully at some point a camera from this century. Also get a shout out for supporting the channel at the credits of my videos!

Brain stormer
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Not only will you be helping support the channel tremendously but you will also receive a black and white sketch of your choosing each month as well as the ability to vote on new content for the channel!




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About Nizuma

One of the things I have always been passionate about is weird Japanese toys, which if your on my patreon you probably are too, or at least have some vested interest in my videos, so thanks for stopping by.
I don't have any misconceptions about doing this for a living but I would love to be able to carve out a decent amount of time to dedicate to the channel and the things I love. Your support will help make that happen.
Whether you become a patron and support the channel or not, I look forward to seeing you in the comments of my future videos. :)
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This is my first goal, this will allow me to continue to push new content onto the channel on a monthly basis, once I hit this goal I look forward to doing monthly giveaways as well! 
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