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Colouring Sheets
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  • Hand drawn colouring sheets from originals of my work.  At least two every month.
per month
  • Hand drawn colouring sheets from originals of my work. 

  • Plus... sketches from my sketchbooks that I don’t post anywhere else. Only for my patrons. 

  • And time-lapse videos of me working.
The Journey
per month
  • The colouring sheets, sketches and videos that are included in the previous tiers plus...
  • The inspiration, planning, sketches and photography behind my work. Including process photography of how the paintings develop day by day. 
  • Sneak peaks of new work.
  • Ideas and notes pages.  
  • Behind the scenes view of my studio




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About Ekaterina Sheath


I am an artist.

Art is that one thing where I sink away into a different world and lose track of time and place.

I paint with anything I can get my hands on and draw whenever I can.  I do little sketches or huge oil paintings, particularly vast expansive landscapes.

Having finished my A levels, I am working on a number of projects before I head off to study Illustration at Leeds Art University.

I set up my Patreon site so that I could connect with those who like my work and show them the stories behind my paintings: whether it's videos of me working, or the preliminary sketches and inspiration.  I want to get you involved!  That is why in Tier One I have created colouring sheets for those who want to explore and connect with me and my work.

As a member, you get the chance to peek behind the scenes.  Have you wanted to see an artist at work?  Or the sketches they did to bring to life the painting you see on the wall?  The inspirations they had and the techniques they used?  Their studio?

Or perhaps - have you wanted to create alongside them?  Maybe, the colouring sheets I have available will give you that opportunity. 

There are two membership levels that give you access to different perks.

Check out all of the perks on the right-hand side of the page to see which one would be the most interesting for you.


Depending on which level you have chosen to explore, I will post a variety of different things throughout the month... photos of a work in progress, time-lapses of me working, sketches, colouring sheets etc.  The details are set out on the right-hand side of the page.

Once I have posted, you can find all of these on my Patreon feed depending on which level you have subscribed to. 

With your Patreon pledge, you are choosing to contribute on a monthly basis.  As a patron, you are charged as soon as you join a tier.  This upfront charge grants you access to my previous posts of patron only content (for the tier you chose) as well as all content made in that month.  You are then charged on the 1st of each month thereafter for that month’s access.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription on Patreon at any time.  If your decision is because of any criticisms, you may have, please let me know so I can improve!

I can’t wait to get you involved!  I hope to provide an exciting and informative insight into the process behind my work and a fun, interactive side as well.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me through the website.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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