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is creating Team building LARP events for children in the Viroqua area

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The Lost Lands of Eldwood is a live action role playing (LARP) group run by a staff team of high schoolers in the Viroqua WI area. Our aim is to introduce a younger audience to LARP. In a LARP, players create characters set in a fictional world and then play as those characters at an event. We use period-realistic costumes and armor, foam weapons, and as realistic a location as possible. Run by a staff team of high schoolers in the Viroqua WI area, we aim to introduce a younger audience to LARP… Our game is set in a world overrun with Orcs and Undead. Countless years ago the great kingdom of Eldwood began to be overrun by the Undead. They tried everything they could think of to drive back the hordes, but nothing worked. At last the Great Runespeaker Faðalf created a lamp that would drive back the undead. It drew energy from the nearby mages and created a powerful force that held back the Undead and Orcs. As the mages fell in battle however, the lamp weakened. Soon only a tiny piece of the original kingdom remained. Our story picks up hundreds of years later, when no memory remains of the old lands. After the defeat of the bandit king Azeroth, a lamp was discovered that drove back the Undead. Since then a second lamp was created and an adventuring party was sent out to plant it.

We were introduced to LARP at a board game convention in Madison WI where we met the Last Hope LARP group. Soon after we began attending Last Hope events regularly and practicing the combat system after school. This is where a number of kids between the ages of 1st-8th grade started to show interest, in the four high schoolers dressed as knights outside the school. We told them about LARP and asked if they wanted to join; to no one's surprise, they said yes. We gave them a few extra swords and thought them the rules. We started meeting weekly to practice. Eventually we offered to put together a story driven event out on some land in the country. We ran two events but with only four staff members to be monsters and NPCs (Non-player characters: villagers, peasants, etc.) It was difficult so we took a break until there was more interest from high schoolers. By last November there were seven of us and we were able to start running events more often. We have run weekly practices and events every month since then. We have gone from three interested kids to about 30. With our LARP reaching critical mass, supplying enough armor, weapons, and food for that many kids gets expensive. In addition, planning each event is a lot of work. 
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