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About Electro Cosplay

ElectroCosplay (Anna) is a NYC based cosplayer and costume creator.
Since starting entering competitions in 2015 she has earned various cosplay awards and even judged a few competitions.

Why should I become a patron?
Patrons enjoy exclusive content as well as prints and DLCs (depending on your pledge).

Where does my pledge go?
After paying the taxes and giving your rewards (based on pledge amount) the remainder goes into creating new costumes and photoshoots.
Your help will allow me to make bigger and better costumes!

What are other ways to give support?
If becoming a Patron isn't your thing, you can always show your support by following me on social media :)
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/electrocosplay
Instagram: www.instagram.com/electrocosplay

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If I had the budget and time I could become a full time creator. That meant I could make bigger and better costumes to share with you guys!
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