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This is a space for anyone wanting to pop in for a few quick tips to jumpstart their career as a real estate photographer. 




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About Rachael Dowling

Here's my backstory... I spent 11 years as a wedding photographer. My life could be summed up in two words... 


I needed to make a change, and fast! 

Real estate photography is great for anyone looking to supplement income from a traditional 9-to-5 job. Or if you’re like me, and you just want your weekends back.

Because real estate photography is mostly a Monday through Friday gig, you can have your weekends back to spend with family, friends, or just to take care of yourself! Or, if you still want to photograph weddings or other portrait sessions, being a real estate photographer will give you a flexible schedule.
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When I reach 250 patrons, I'll start releasing 2 videos a month - where you can watch me photograph a real house! 
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