Elemental Networks

is creating swrp and halo rp
Select a membership level
Silver donation level
per month
- Access to the Lower Actor Characters (Example: Droids)
-Access to jedi (up to knight) 
-3 lives 
- access to naval seaman
-able to set hp
Gold level donation
per month
- Access to 32nd NCO (Able to Fly Ships during events
- Access to everything silver level donation has 
-Access to Higher level actors in events
-Acess to Jedi council 
Diamond level donation
per month
- Access to Senate Guard Troopers
- Acess to noclip
- Access to everything gold level donation has
-Access to your own discord channel if you want 
- Access to Jedi (Up to Master - Include Jedi Council)



About Elemental Networks

Elemental Networks runs both a star war rp server and police rp server on Garry's mod, by donating to this Patreon you are showing your support to the server (and you get exclusive rewards for donating) all proceeds go to keeping the server running and adding more thing like addons.

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