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Hello! I am Dr. David Russell Mosley. I have a PhD in theology from Nottingham University and currently teach theology and literature in a Roman Catholic high school in New Hampshire. While Catholic, I have a profound love for my Protestant brothers and sisters, having been one of them until 2017. In my writing and in my podcasts I like to talk about wonder and enchantment and reality. I think so many aspects of our modern world have deadened our senses to wonder and I hope to reawaken them.

Along with being a high school teacher, I am also a writer with two books out currently. One is a work of fiction entitled On the Edges of Elfland about a young man who discovers that the stories he heard in his parents' pub as a child are true. The other is my dissertation published under the title Being Deified: Poetry and Fantasy on the Path to God. In it I argue both about the needed centrality of deification/theosis to Christian theology and the role human creativity can play.

Lastly, but most importantly, I am a husband and a father to twin boys, one of whom was diagnosed with cancer when he was 8 weeks old. He's fine now, and we praise God for it. Those were harrowing times, new parents and a cancer diagnosis. Our faith and liturgy were some of the only things to get us through it.

I have set up this patreon account because writing, and especially writing theologically, is often both lonely (especially when you're not in a university position) and expensive. I don't have access, or easy access, to big university libraries and have to depend on what I can buy. So, what I'm asking of my patrons is to join me in helping spread a more "enchanted" a more sacramental way of seeing and understanding reality. Your patronage will help me get books for research, dedicate time to do podcasts, and put food on the table. So please consider joining me on this pilgrimage into wonder.
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