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About Elias Vaisberg

A re-launch. I didn't really follow through with much on the initial launch but some people have been telling me they prefer this route over purchasing my product through my website which is fine. The whole YouTube demonetization thing is very persistent. I am trying to put out content that doesn't resort to the standard clickbaiting and general controversy that seems to spell out success on YouTube.

All the funds here will be continued into the channel. I am now a full time YouTuber. My product, videos, sponsors, and affiliates going forward are going to be paying my bills. I want to offer diverse and interesting content going forward (FlorIda Trips, etc.) However, it's an expensive operation with low margins. If you want to help. You are the best. I'll make blog posts here on my sole opinions of the fisheries I engage in, and my general travels. 

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