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I dont want to get to carried away so their wont be many tiers this first one will get you personal mentions on stream.
much foxen
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you will have higher order of game suggestions. I can play anything on pc and will get a copy and try it out as quick as possible :D and also will get a personal mention for the game suggestion.




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About Ben Cassidy

I am a up and coming streamer. I have the full setup and i am ready to stream i just need the followers. 
I want to create content for you guys i want alot of user input into what games you guys want me to play :)
I have a dedicated discord and everyone is welcome :D
I will be streaming competitive games in the beginning until my follower base increases.
In the future i plan on making physical merch and i want you guys to decide what you want if its tshirts or mugs or whatever it is.
I will almost never be streaming alone most of the time it will be with friends the more the merrier.
just come and hang out and enjoy the stream :)

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