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With much encouragement from my own two (extremely supportive) teens, I am looking to make more time and space to do my art.  Among many of my jobs and passions I studied marine biology from an early age through college, but alas, no formal degree as I got sidetracked with a career path in architectural drafting for about a decade, and then on to other pursuits. However, marine biology has always remained a steadfast obsession!

My focus with this current project is to continue my journey of painting and documenting all species of dolphins and whales on our sweet planet, interspersed with few other magical sea creatures (especially turtles/tortoises & cephalopods), in the hope of continuing to educate and enlighten others to these beautiful beings.  As a single income, self-employed mom... I gladly and gratefully work as a painting contractor by day.  Yes, I paint houses, interior and exterior, for a living!  My training and artistic abilities mainly come from observations that were developed from my earliest memories as I watched and learned from my own artist father. Classes throughout high school, college and beyond influenced my personal direction.

My hope is to spend my quieter winter work months focused on doing small and large scale paintings focusing on the more unusual and unknown species.  I am constantly asked if I have prints of my work and I want to make sure some of the funds are funneled to my being able to make cards and prints, which are much more affordable, and thus have the ability to reach a much broader audience.

I am terribly camera shy, but will be posting in-progress videos of my process and background of why I chose a particular subject matter.  You, my wonderful patrons, will be first in line to receive signed prints, giclees (if I go that route, depending on demand) and one of my main goals as a HUGE THANK YOU for your support is to have a drawing for one or more of my original paintings!

I will be predominately focused on creating my works in oils, and will be exploring smaller pieces in encaustics (which is painting with heated beeswax mixture vs. painting with any other type of medium).  During this journey, I will be posting in-progress videos of how I create an encaustic painting because it is such a beautiful medium to work in and is a mystery to most people on how it is done!

Thank you for your time and I hope you will walk this journey with me!
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Your continued support will allow me to buy the paint, additional supplies and materials, and most importantly, take the time to work on creating several projects including, but not limited to: several large scale whale and/or dolphin oil paintings (to continue my long term goal of cataloging every species)... concept designs/drawings on a more whimsical scale of "coloring books" of "tattooed" or otherwise adorned animals and sea life (potential for a minimum of two books!).  Focus on re-building and/or new techniques and styles of work in several mediums including, but not limited to: watercolors, encaustics, oils, pen & ink.
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