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About Eliot Lefebvre

I like writing.  I've been doing it professionally for four years.  But you probably knew that.

Over the past four years I've written at Massively as a columnist on a lot of topics.  Not all of those topics are popular ones, not all of them are fun to discuss, but they're all important.  Talking about things like sexism, inclusion in games, roleplaying, addiction, cultural issues... these are discussions that need to happen.  I've had countless warm and happy messages from people thankful that I've talked about these things with as wide an audience as possible.

That's just been in the arena of online games, though.  And there are other things out there that I like to talk about.  Movies.  Offline games.  Music.  Comics.  It's been ages since I wrote fiction, or since I really had the space to be creative in other directions.

So I'm turning to my fans.  I'd like to keep writing full-time, and I'm hoping that the fans I already have - and the ones I've yet to meet - will help me do exactly that.  If you've liked what I could make happen in a limited field, I hope you'll help me do more with a larger one.

You can read more at Eliot-Lefebvre.com.
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