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If you do pledge, it isn't up yet, but I will upload exclusive friendly sets for you guys to see. Hopefully complete with commentary.
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I will send you the original finished voice mod of any of my finished characters in Smash Wii U. You will get the completed voice collection nus3bank file to use in your own games!
You have a choice between Link and Marth so far.
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I will send both voice collection nus3bank files I have created so far. As an added bonus, I will even add in Link's voiced sound effects for you to enjoy.




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About Eliwood_Emblem

Hi, I'm Eliwood_Emblem! I am a modest Smash 4 player out on the western coast of Canada. Some of you suggested that I try out this patreon page. If some of you don't know, I help run local tournaments and I do set up recording booths at said events. I haven't been streaming much at these events since the quality is generally better recorded than streamed. If you like my content, and would like to see more, I would definitely like to show you what I know. It would be really appreciated if you help me out. I recently lost my second job, I might be better as a streamer and entertain people on it. By donating, I can make some better content, and not just stream and make tournament videos. I would enjoy working with you guys to make some more content. Thanks guys.
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At this goal, I will try to showcase all the Link tech I know on Twitch.
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