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Just a fan of my games and want to see more of them, or just get access to the articles early before they go up on World Anvil.  Two dollars is all you need.
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Want to do a solo rp between me and your character to further build up their backstory?  Want to change something drastic about your character permanently?  Want something else?  That's what this tier is for.
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Once a month I will run a oneshot that lasts for six hours taking place in the Gyohdo Empire.  You can have continuing characters or  a different character each time, pay each month or pay once to try it out.




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My name is Eliza, the Dm for all games in the Gyohdo Empire, let me bring you to the dangers and wonders of the Empire, a nation of Islands near the continent of Eidamir. I plan to gather enough people to run two games eventually but for now, let me tell you of the first one.

Welcome to Mah'Lo, main island of the Empire, home to the throne of the nine, seat of the Emperor... or at least it was.  Emperor Antiv Tyro, the last of the royal line, has perished, leaving behind no heirs, and placing the throne up for grabs.  As the noble families vie for the throne, Aloi Citen head of the militaristic organization the Cobalt Flame, seeks to stabilize the country, and has such called on several unique individuals as part of a gambit in order to restore the stability of their homeland before the other nations of the world realize.  With only a few years left until the mist-time ends who will claim the throne of the nine and become the ruler of the islands.  Will one of the nobles take it, will Aloi Citen's gambit, whatever it is stabilize the nation, will one of you take the throne, or will it be left vacant for a foreign power to claim?

The Gambit of the Cobalt Flame begins.
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