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About Elizabeth Creith

I'm a storyteller and illustrator. I write fantasy, horror, humour, science fiction and poetry. I published my first piece of humour – A Loom With A Zoo – in 1990, and I've never looked back.

I've had four humour columns to date on subjects ranging from farm life to books, because you can make humour out of anything! My fourth one, Over the Ridge, is in print and still going strong. Much of my poetry is also humorous verse.

Most of my fiction is flash – one thousand words or shorter – or short stories, but I'm also working on a YA fantasy trilogy and a YA science fiction novel. I occasionally write mysteries. I like to illustrate my work whenever I can.

My memoir, “Shepherd in Residence”, won the Louise de Kiriline Lawrence award for Northern Ontario non-fiction in 2014. I'm particularly chuffed about this one because the inimitable Margaret Atwood was also on the shortlist.

Due to my habits of sleeping indoors and eating regular meals, I'm working at a job that consumes a lot of my writing and art time. I'm hoping to replace a chunk of that income and free myself to spend more time writing and illustrating fiction of all sorts – myths, fairy tales, fantasy, horror, science fiction and humour – and putting it out there for you, my audience. Art is long and life is short, and it gets shorter every day. I just want to fill as much of my life as possible, and yours, too, with good stories.

I'll be posting a new piece once or twice a month. Some will be print stories, and all of those will be unpublished pieces. You, my patrons, get the first look. Some will be audio files of me reading a story, because who doesn't love to be read to? Again, you get the first listen; I may occasionally read a story that has appeared somewhere in print, but most of them will be unpublished.

I also want to make mini-movies of some stories and poems. These may be slide shows of illustrations while I read aloud, or possibly stop-action films or flip-books, pop-ups, whatever the Muse dictates. I'm aiming at three or four of these a year, bur there might be more. These will be exclusive to you, my patrons.

I'm incredibly excited about getting to make this art and post it here, and I'm grateful to every one of you at every level for your support!
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The first $250 will allow me to cut back to four days a week. That extra art day is super-productive!

I'll be sending my first 250 patrons - no matter the amount - a signed copy of "Shepherd in Residence", my award-winning memoir. You'll like it. It has sheep in it.
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