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About Elizabeth Watasin

Hello, friends! THANKS to your support I can bring the stories in my head out into the world and share them with you. It's not easy being a niche storyteller; without a big budget, audiences are hard to reach, and that's where you come in. You who share my passions are helping my kick-ass, quirky, strange, hilarious, gorgeous, and sometimes damaged souls come to life, and letting them take you with them on their cool adventures and perilous self-discoveries. It may happen on intragalactic space stations, or in Gothic Victorian London, or in a fabled, time-mixed realm of hot rods and witches–but it will always come with a side of sensual romance and a touch of mystery! The characters in these worlds thank you for making this all possible. I thank you. Hooray for joining! Now let's go! Adventure awaits!
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In Progress: TAUR: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 3

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IN Progress, Darquepunk's HELLCAT AND KITTEN

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WE hit this goal, everyone should get e-books. And if you have all that's in my library up 'till this goal, there should be a Hidden book for such Patrons of the Golden Shelves. I will find one.
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