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  • Voting Rights - Patreons of this tier will be able to vote on my polls on what I should do next!
  • Thanks! - A big thanks from me! <3 Every dollar counts after all!
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Ant Drinker
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  •  Works: See my early WIP sketches, avoid having to wait to see my artwork and get it early, including cut content.
  • Names: I'll be compiling a list of all of my $5+ patrons to post at the end of videos as well as in the descriptions of my original art pieces that I post on deviantart.
  • Voting Rights - Patreons of this tier will be able to vote on my polls on what I should do next!
Kobold God
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  • All previous awards
  • Exclusive Discord Role - I will be allowing anybody who pledges $10+ to get a role on my discord of whatever they please. They get to pick the name and color!
  • One free sketch - You get one half body or full body sketch of any character if your choice!
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About Elkriens

Hey there! I'm Nicole, but I usually go by Elk or Lyc. I'm fairly new to patreon so please bear with me! I made this patreon so I can get some funding towards my work and help get some more money for my family and pets.

I'm a freelancer, and i'm hoping to get better in the animation industry and I'm striving to be a better artist every day! I draw using paint tool SAI and photoshop, and I'm gonna be sharing WIP sketches on here as well as any other work I can provide with my patreons. Main fandoms are Danganronpa, Warrior Cats, and Kagepro!

I'm a dungeon master for a weekly dnd session that takes place every saturday for me and my friends and I'm a huge dnd nerd...

Please note that I also have a part time job so I might be a little slow getting things out.
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Helping me reach my goals would be a huge help to me and my family, so I appreciate all the support I can get! Hoping to get enough so that I can start working towards things I want to do more of and draw more often.
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