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Hey There! 

My name is Aurielle Marie. I'm a teacher, poet, and community organizer in the larger movement for Black Lives. I've been all over the country facilitating workshops, curating awesome curriculum around hip-hop and social justice, and executing performances that utilize west african movement, poetry, hip-hop, and liberatory practice to string together social justice work "From the Streets to the Stage". I'm a Queer, Black woman who is dedicated to creating content that helps educate folks of privilege and folks who are oppressed about systems of racism, anti-Blackness, queer/transphobia, and many other silos of prejudice and bias. My work has extended from Atlanta, GA-- where I started my journey as an artist and activist-- to Ferguson, MI, New York, Seattle, WA, and the Bay Area: where I'm currently in residency with the non-violent social justice art center Destiny Art Center's Queer Emerging Artist Residency. 

With the work that I do, information is paired with entertainment like your favorite wine&cheese duo, in ways that captivate audiences and radically shift the perception and responsibilities of those with privilege to become allies to those who suffer from systemic oppression. It's really important work, considering our social-political climate, and I'm happy to do it in ways that benefit the communities I hold dear. ElleofTwoCities, the video platform I recently launched, will be using the "Streets-to-Stage/Streets-To-Screen" model that I've curated over my years of work to continue delivering information to its target audience that educates as much as it entertains. Using popular culture, and hip-hop culture to tackle thematic questions about social political ills and systemic injustice, I believe that we can impact cultural norms in ways that shift our world. 

Where do YOU come in? Well, glad you asked! I'm sure you know that this work-- though invaluable-- is sometimes undervalued in ways that are economically sustainable. My goal is to use Patreon to support ElleofTwoCities fantastic resource, and help us stretch to fit our growing audience. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me reach the hundreds of people who have interacted with our videos thus far! I'm down to do this work-- are you down to help keep it going? You're amazing! Protect your magic on this wild ride friend, we're in this together.
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When I reach 500$ for the ElleofTwoCities platform per month, I'll start a monthly podcast that interviews 1 patron and 1 local artist about their work, goals, and dreams. We'll keep it light, have some fun, and learn about each other!
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