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I have started my reimagining of The Snow Queen, and I will soon be starting a sci-fi series called The Collectors as well. You will have access to both of these series at this tier. 
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Thank you so much for your support I couldn't do this without you. I'd like to write a short story especially for you. Please let me know the basic premise and genre you would like.  




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Welcome to my Patron page! As someone who became a bookworm at a young age, I've had a lifelong appreciation of storytelling and what it offers. My tries is an attempt to share a little of what that means with others and hopefully, help them with their own creations in some way. 

In stories, we can find just about anything. Something of ourselves, something we want to be, a commentary on our own lives, or a way to escape after a long day at work.

You'll find everything from short stories, to writing tips and analysis, and book reviews here. My stories are mostly in the fantasy and sci-fi genre and are often observations on common tropes found in them.

Any support you can offer, even if it's $1, will greatly help in supporting me my efforts to create consistent and high-quality content. But, I do need some help! Anyone at any level is welcome to give prompts and ideas for things they'd like to see. 

I'm excited that you've found my Patron page. I'm glad to have both writers and lovers of writing coming with me in my exploration of the complicated, strange, wild, deep and meaningful thing known as storytelling. 

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I'll post the first part of an ongoing series called The Collectors. It centres on a restless and cynical young garbage collector at a space station named Janet Schweitzer, who stumbles upon a  map from another time. It soon begins to attract the attention of many powerful and dangerous factions.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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