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You can read the manual, you can read the tips by yourself. I am sure, afterwards you will get your coffee and say, tomorrow. 

I want to help you to get it done today.

If you bought the bot from me, the first Team Viewer lessons are free - as already promised when you bought C.A.T.

However, if you want me to help you beyond the first trades, you will find it useful to have this tool ready.




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About Ronald Wiplinger

In 2013 I heard about Bitcoin, ... so what. Just a toy money I thought. But, what if, just what if it could be useful, somehow. After reading about it more and more, I decided to buy my first 0.2 BTC.

What next?

I watched my wallet, I got another wallet, I transfered BTC from one wallet to another.
In 2014 I bought my first miner, then another one, then a third one, then - I made the big jump to buy a bigger miner, actually two pieces together with my friend Joseph.
I calculated, that in just 17.5 days I could have a RoI of 100% of the miners' cost. However, the delivery was delayed, then finally we go the miners and the power consumption was much higher than in the web description. We got the miners and the company disappeared. Well, at least we got our miners.

I setup a pool, with auto switching, ... great! Now Joseph could just point the miner to my pool as I do and the pool will switch to the best performing coin. The plan was perfect, however, Joseph is married, ... the miner is too loud, ... he could not turn on the miner.

Then the big drop of Bitcoin price came and we could not earn anything more than the power bill. We turned off the miners. My miner worked 5 weeks, Joseph's miner worked only when his wife was not at home for a total of 40 hours. Clearly not a way to earn the miner's cost back.

Then I found the next big thing: to trade with coins. Yahoo!!! I could with a small amount of money and with the mining of exotic coins get some money together, I invested into a trading bot. Excited I watched as the coins got more and more, ... then the bot was not maintained anymore. Again!!!!

I switched to another trading bot.

I used all my money and invested in C.A.T. (Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader), I set it up, I learned and learned, ... and I helped others. I helped many people and forgot that I could benefit in the same time from my knowledge of operating the bot.

That's where we are now.

If you want to know more about C.A.T., go to and if you want to know more about me, go to my online business card:

What is the next step?

Many things to come:
  • Finish, enhance all the pages here on Patreon as well as post some articles
  • Add more intelligence to the chat bot on my Telegram channel
  • Add videos here
  • Add more function to my web site, like F&Q, ... I also plan to give Patreon supporters the opportunity to upload their C.A.T. settings file (XML). My site will analyze your file and suggests you how to improve the trading gain.
  • Prepare Udemy courses, like how to setup C.A.T. (cheap course, just to get you running with C.A.T. - that's what I teach now each of my bot buyers in a Team Viewer lesson)
  • Prepare Webinars for special courses to learn intensive: How to trade with C.A.T.  as we used never before.
  • All that and still listening and give advices to questions on Telegram.

Please support me on my path.


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I think with 100 patons I am sure, my work would be fruitful to create an Udemy course.
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