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Your co-editing and suggestions help to reveal and evolve this artform, before June 19's poll to create the first elqduhgu. My goal is to edit/rewrite my Patreon's overview page, so that it can be easily translatable, while creating posts that are more detailed guides to creating elqduhgus and gyfunnqfus.
Welcome, potential elqduhguans and gyfunnqfuans, I am Nathan Dyer, the first of # elqduhguans/gyfunnquans. Elqduhgus are a transfigurable artform that unify the artist, artwork, and audience. Paid for via money, barter, or service, guarentees they are accessible to everyone, and with a public budget where you can see how patronage and profit is invested. Becoming a patron means becoming a cocreator of elqduhgus, then to experience the tier's benefits for inspiring your own gyfunnqfus, and network with eachother for future projects. With each elqduhgu and gyfunnqfu having a Rights & Responsibilities license, no one can monopolize or exploit eachother, so all have fair opportunity and mutual benefit. Gyfunnqfus are satellite artworks that evolve and expand their elqduhgu universe, often discovering new mediums for art. Whether here as a visitor to learn, a follower to buy, a patron to cocreate, an incarnator to experience, or an elqduhguan/gyfunnqfuan to connect, here is the beginning foundation for renaissance and self sufficent community.
Elqduhgus are a transfigurable artform, meaning their dimensions can be expressed through any art medium. As most of my elqduhgus are first created as novels, I will symbolize their dimensions as such:
  • Elqduhgu's Width (Word): An elqduhgu's title contains a new word to be added to the ever evolving human dictionary. Its intention is to define a new or crystallizing concept. The storyline becomes that word's first example.
  • Elqduhgu's Length (Icon): Though most artists use covers to merely advertise their creations within, an elqduhgu is the translation of its cover's icon. It is the elqduhgu's universal map.
  • Elqduhgu's Depth (Setting): The plane upon which the artist (elqduhguan) and audience (future gyfunnqfuans) commune through their shared artwork.
  • Elqduhgu's Width+Length (Title): A named phrase that harmonizes the audience into the artwork.
  • Elqduhgu's Width+Depth (Nouns): The creatures serving as protagonistic/evolving, or neutagonistic/static, or antagonistic/devolving. They are what the audience indwells to experience the elqduhgu.
  • Elqduhgu's Length+Depth (Index): Not a linear listing of chapters, instead the index on page translates each part of the icon's imagery as cosms (worded links) into a cosmic design of time and space.
  • Elqduhgu's Width+Length+Depth (Ideal): The story's destiny, of which all its surviving creatures ascend toward, and their values, truths, and meanings are inherited by the indwelling audience's own lives. It is the realized unification of fictionality with factuality.
Through unifying artist, artwork, and audience, our experiential imaginations become the bridging universes into higher reality. Creation best communes with the creator through its creatures' creativity.
To ensure that everyone can incarnate into an elqduhgu and afterward create gyfunnqfus, my artworks can be bought via three methods that can be found on their cover's price box:
  • $#.##: Money amount in the form of United States Dollars or other currencies' exchange equivalent.
  • # Items & ## Subitems: Bartering for the listed amount of items and subitems.
  • ###min Serving "...": Serving for the listed amount of minutes, which is often in forms of helping in your area.
The yearly sum of my patronages and profits (including from plasma donations and birthday checks, because every bit helps) along with my budget, are publically listed for the trust of my followers, gyfunnqfuans, and patrons into the followings investments:
Budget 2019
  • Maintenance: 25%: $25 monthly: Website, tools, services, and various essentials needed to continue.
  • My Work & Rest: 25%: $25 monthly: Research, influences, creation, dispensation, and advertisment for my elqduhgus and gyfunnqfus.
  • Others' Works & Activities: 25% monthly: $25: Purchase, dispensation, advertisement of others' elqduhgus and gyfunnqfus, as well as group activities.
  • Reserve: 25%: $25 monthly: Emergency and unplanned expenses.
If underbudget in other investments at end of year, the extra funds are placed in Reserve. To prevent going overbudget, I don't invest in the next year more than the total amount I made in the previous year. Though this is my personal budget, I am blessed that what most reenergizes me in rest and play is to experience what other gyfunnqfuans have created to expand and evolve my elqduhgus' universes.
Artist & Artwork
Though specific steps in an elqduhgu's checklist and outline are continually revised, each of my elqduhgus and gyfunnqfus have five creation phases you will experience throughout my Patreon posts:
  1. Pancreation: Throughout all phases, there are certain constants. Periodic requests, mainly during precreation, to the community for help in various fields to better enhance my artwork-in-development. A weekly upload of my progress. Monthly challenges for patrons to exercise their own creativity. Monthly meetups, alternating in person or digital, as both an event to commune as well as to share our works. Quarterly newsletter on the elqduhguan-gyfunnqfuan community worldwide. Creation-long or all-time jam to bring together all elqduhguans and gyfunnqfuans and welcome potentials.
  2. Precreation: For my 2 restdays per week during the creation, I choose and list books, foods, games, places, services, shows, and songs that are the influential ambience in the elqduhgu's gestation. They inspire its creation, and both immerse and wisen the edit suggestions done by co-creating patrons. I also poll followers and patrons on advertising concepts for the current project.
  3. Midcreation: To guarenteee quality over quantity, I concentrate my whole self to creating cosms 5 days every week, ensuring a weekly 3-5 draft cosms post. Once the elqduhgu's main format is completed, I create the audiobook or video format depending upon the elqduhgu's primary medium.
  4. Postcreation: While awaiting publication, I poll the patrons for where to gift elqduhgu/gyfunnqfu copies along with their own that I have. Once published everywhere, I create and upload a preview audio-text-video of the elqduhgu/gyfunnqfu for previewing the beginning 10% of it. Then upload reviews of my influences so that others may decide whether they would help their future creations. Finally is my thanksgiving to all your support, celebrating that universe's birth, with gifts of the tiereds and publishing quel gyfunnqfus.
  5. Intercreation: Polls. Updates. 3 nebulae-7 day reenergizing. Reflection. Alternating creativity with translation, I poll my followers and patrons on how we can better express the elqduhguan-gyfunnqfuan design and revision future projections like artwork and community. Then, after updating the current published list of mine and others' elqduhgus and gyfunnqfus, I poll to my patrons three nebulae of projected elqduhgus. For seven days while I reenergize, all patrons vote which is to be conceived. Once decided, is prayer-meditation-reflection to begin anew.
No matter whose role is elqduhguan or gyfunnqfuan, there is soulful pride that we accomplish these things together as one with all.
Artist & Audience
Copyright in private/corporate domain may benefit the artist, but at the expense of its audience. While public/free domain benefits the audience at the expense of the original artist. So to liberate ourselves from both chains, a third domain must be designed that contains the best of both: Recognition of the artist, while also recongizing the living dynamic that art inspires in its audience. In every elqduhgu and gyfunnqfu are Rights & Responsibilities listed. Here are what mine are as a template:
Elqduhguan Rights & Responsibilies
(Acronyms: E for elqduhgu. G for gyfunnqfu. P for potential. R&Rs for rights & responsibilities.)
1: Right Toward Elqduhgus: Commercial use of elqduhgu in money-barter-service.
Responsibility Toward Elqduhgus: "...elqduhgu..." in elqduhgu's title or subtitle.
2: Right Toward PGyfunnqfuans/EIncarnators: After bills, cuts, fees, taxes, the budget is for 25% maintenance, 25% my work & rest, 25% others' work and activities, 25% reserve.
Responsibility Toward PGyfunnqfuans/EIncarnators: Icon is cover image in elqduhgu's marketed medium.
3: Right Toward Gyfunnqfuans: Legalese about elqduhguan's copyrighted name and date.
Responsibility Toward Gyfunnqfuans: Elqduhgus are standalone in one medium or volumes marketed simultaneously due to limitations.
4: Right Toward Gyfunnqfus: Librarian for elqduhgus and gyfunnqfus both by self and others.
Responsibility Toward Gyfunnqfus: Community-builder between elqduhguans and gyfunnqfuans and incarnators.
5: Right Toward PElqduhguans/GIncarnators: Different R&Rs in each elqduhgu (like option to be public domain).
Responsibility Toward PElqduhguans/GIncarnators: All elqduhgus have an ERR and GRR and in copyright area.
Gyfunnqfuan Rights & Responsibilies
(Acronyms: E for elqduhgu. G for gyfunnqfu. P for potential.)
1: Right Toward Gyfunnqfus: Commercial use of gyfunnqfu in money-barter-service.
Responsibility Toward Gyfunnqfus: "...gyfunnqfu..." in gyfunnqfu's title or subtitle.
2: Right Toward PElqduhguans/GIncarnators: Able to create infinite gyfunnqfus.
Responsibility Toward PElqduhguans/GIncarnators: Any derived work of this gyfunnqfu or its elqduhgu in any medium both fiction and nonfiction is a gyfunnqfu, besides for fair use or using more than full cover and 10% of elqduhgu's beginning.
3: Right Toward Elqduhguans: Legalese about gyfunnqfuan's copyrighted name and date.
Responsibility Toward Elqduhguans: To monetize a gyfunnqfu, each person credited for its creation has 1 full and total purchase/gift/reward/equivalent or patronizing for this certain elqduhgu.
4: Right Toward Elqduhgus: Advertised on future elqduhgus' rotating list in their Artwork's Creations via informing their elqduhguan.
Responsibility Toward Elqduhgus: Considered independent from elqduhguan and elqduhgu.
5: Right Toward PGyfunnqfuans/EIncarnators: Additional entries if not contradicting the original R&Rs in its elqduhgu (like option to include gyfunnqfuan selling rights) labeled as "+" with successive number.
Responsibility Toward PGyfunnqfuans/EIncarnators: Gyfunnqfus have copypasted its elqduhgu's R&Rs without adulteration in gyfunnqfu's copyright area.
Artwork & Audience
An elduhgu reveals it gyfunnqfus, while its gyfunnqfus evolve their elqduhgu. When a new satellite is created and registered in its universe, the gyfunnqfu is categorized by its -quel type. Currently there are ten -quel types:
  • Altquel: Alters its elqduhgu's cosms into a new timeline.
  • Crossquel: Intertwines its elqduhgu's plot and/or nouns with another unverse of any artwork or reality.
  • Midquel: Whose plot is during its elqduhgu's cosms.
  • Prequel: Whose plot is before its elqduhgu's cosms.
  • Requel: Adapts and/or translates its elqduhgu's cosms into a different or same medium.
  • Sequel: Whose plot is after its elqduhgu's cosms.
  • Transquel: Parody/acting/songs/rpmanuals/simulation/game in its elqduhgu's universe.
  • Usequel: Actualized creation from applied inspiration from its elqduhgu, like technological design.
  • Voxquel: Critique/commentary/essay over the E, like philosophical manifestos and schematics.
  • Warequel: Incorporates a thing from its elqduhgu into a stationary/unplotted medium, like merchandise.
Artist & Artwork & Audience
Godspeed to you. May you find a new renaissance within, and become a muse to all you encounter.
  • Visitors' Portal: Questions & Answers List as a school for anyone and anything about the artists, artworks, and audiences here. Guides List for designing elqduhgus, gyfunnqfus, and tiereds.
  • Followers' Portal: 10% elqduhgu/gyfunnqfu previews with store links. Communiques informing the community.
  • Patrons' Portal: Draft posts. Tiereds thanksgiven to patrons.
  • Incarnators' Portal: ArtFolders of elqduhgus/gyfunnqfus, each a Zip file containing their development PDF that includes all records during its creation, its theme song in Wav and M4A, published formats, including audiobook.
  • Elqduhguans/Gyfunnqfuans' Portal: Elqduhgus & Gyfunnqfus List of all known published and guide for how to become registered. Elqduhguans & Gyfunnqfuans List to connect and serve the community. Groups List for local area meetups around the world. Elqduhguans & Gyfunnqfuans Jam List for entries, news, and guide to join. Special Offer Quel Challenge List for published entries, and monthly updates.
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