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About Jorden O'neil Hunt

First of all, I would like to say this is not a beg for money. I would have never touched patreon unless i was very desperate. I made this patreon to call out to the world out there to help a poor, struggling youtuber, Get better equipment to also further the content that I can give my followers and my friends. Alot of people watch Elsword Extra and even my second Youtube channel DaSomthingNetWork. I know this all might seem selfish and lazy, But I have been working very hard to also save up to afford this new PC and such. Unfortunately real life loves to get in the way of my affars and always seems to set me down to square 1. Now i come to patreon to ask and plee for all of the amazing people who support Elsword Extra and DaSomthingNetWork to maybe contrabute to getting even more entertaining content and even better editing. I live in New Zealand and i have a full time job at McDonalds, monday to friday around 60 hours of work. I understand if anyone who comes and sees my patreon thinks i might just be ploying for money to spend on my own selfish desires. And i can not stop them from thinking such things. I wanna say though that I completely appreciate all donations and they will all be going toward my youtube channel and the growth of it. 

With respect:
Jorden O'neil Hunt
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Once this goal is reached the patreon will be made redundent and will not be used to recive anymore funds. To avoid being blamed for stealing others money after the goal is reached. 
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