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  • Sketches sketches who wants the sketches? I put up a new page of drawings/an animation/some kind of goody at the beginning and middle of each month.
  • Also eternal gratitude!
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  • Access to the previous tiers, plus regular updates of pages and other sketches during the week as I work on them!
  • Wouldn't be the LUST tier without access to my NSFW work!
  • Access to full PSD files for pages and some of my other work, for those who are interested in that kind of thing!
  • Eternal, infinite gratitude!
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  • Access to all the previous tiers, plus I'll draw you a sketch postcard and send it to ya, anything you want! (within reason/legality)
  • A free download of my digital sketchbooks as they arrive!
  • Eternal, infinite, and unwavering gratitude!



About MK

Hey guys!
I'm MK! I make a webcomic!

Brain Damage is a long form, slice of life dramedy that follows the tired, often frustrated hijinks of Anthea Chambers; and her ill-mannered, ill-proportioned, ill-tempered loser of a demon tag-a-long. Or hallucination brought on by early stage brain cancer. Hard to say which.

Brain Damage is a huge labor of love. I'm a millenial, so I'm tight on funds, time, and patience. However, I do adore these nerds, and this story has been badgering me for years now. By becoming my patron you can take a little pressure off by helping me repay my student loans!

Patrons will get to see allllllll my Brain Damage goodies: sketches and WIPs, wallpapers, the plethora of AU drawings piling up around my house, and maybe even a little animation here and there!

Check it out HERE!

I work on a lot of other stuff in my free time too, so I have a number of in-progress projects I'll post peeks at as well.

Basically if you like my drawings you can get a big dose of them here, and exclusive looks at stuff I have going on behind the scenes. If Patreon is too big a commitment but you still want to support me, you can get a few goodies for a tip over on my Ko-fi:

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