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About Ember

CURRENT PROMO/COMPETITION. I am excited to see the first archival prints being made for my Patreon subscribers. Patreon has helped me as an artist to continue making work. Its not a one way street though, being your own philanthropist means that you also receive archival art prints as a reward for joining me on Patreon as well as insights into my process and discounts on original artworks.
 I am giving away a miniature original painting to any new subscribers or existing subscribers ( $5 tier or up for a 3 month minimum commitment). The Competition will run from the 4th august until the 4th of September, winners be notified Via message. then I will be making the work and you will receive the original work after November the 4th.
I am also giving away one archival art print as a runners up to a new subscriber , winner for that will receive their print in September.

Want to deepen in your awareness of your own art practice? Or are you a lover of the arts and believe in supporting dedicated artists. I am a Contemporary Artist from Australia whos practice spans painting, expanded painting and sculptural practices. I have exhibited extensively and have also taught painting, encaustic art and life drawing. 
I am also in my last year of a Masters degree in Contemporary Art and a solo mumma of two boys. Working as an artist as well as studying and solo parenting is kinda challenging, but I manage to scrape through and love what I do. 
I am keen to share with you insight into my own practice, as well as tips I use to keep motivated and interested. Maybe you can ask me to make specific content to help you ? Just ask. 
Rewards are yours for supporting this emerging artist. 

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