is creating Digital Illustrations, Fanarts and Original Characters!

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per Illustration Package (2 per month)
  • JPG pictures of the Illustrations in a higher quality!
  • Process steps of the Illustrations to know a bit more about my drawing process.
  • PSD files with all the layers for you to study (it contains LineArts for you to color and practice!).
  • Extra Pictures (if applicable)!
  • Occasional Giveaways.
  • And Eme & Lluvia gratitude! 

Rewards are sent via private message at the beginning of each month after payment!






First of all, my English isn't good so I apologize about any grammatical mistakes and my bad pronunciation on videos.

About me

My name is Eme and I love creating art.
I am a freelance illustrator, creator of the  WebComic "Eme & Lluvia".
I am also making videos on YouTube in Spanish and English as an animator, storyteller and making speedpaints as well!

My goals are:

To create Fanarts and Original artworks.
To make videos on both YouTube channels.
• To update my WebComic.

To create music.

How it works

Supporting someone on Patreon is like getting a Twitch subscription, you help someone to keep creating content and you get exclusive rewards! The only difference is that you can pay the price you think my work is worth, or in case you can't spend much but you still want to support me you can pledge whatever you can afford!

I will post them at the end of each month, and you will be charged at the beginning of the following month! Rewards will be sent during the first week of the month after your payment being successfully processed!

So basically you can pledge whatever you feel more comfortable with starting from $1 and get the rewards from one of the two packs.
If you want both packs and the extra rewards it would be from $1 + $1 = $2 a month, pretty decent and cheap price for the rewards you are receiving!

So as an example, if you want to support me with $6, I recommend you to pledge the half ($3 + $3) to get both packs and all the rewards! x)


I like making everything I create public so everybody can see and enjoy it but patrons will receive exclusive content!
They are two packs per month (two payments) and if you get them both you will get extra rewards!

They include:

- Pack 1 (WebComic related):
JPG picture of an original illustration and/or taken from the comic if I like it enough.
Process steps of the illustrations you are receiving in the pack.
PSD files of the illustrations I am providing you (they will also contain LineArts for you to color and practice).   

The style of these drawings will be the same as the comic!

- Pack 2 (Original Artworks / FanArts):
JPG picture of an original illustration or FanArt.
Process steps of the illustrations you are receiving in the pack.
PSD files of the illustrations I am providing you 
(they will also contain LineArts for 
you to color and practice).

The style of these drawings will be more detailed!

- If you get both packs you will also receive:
• You will be able to join on giveaways I will occasionally do!

•  Any extra picture (PSD, process, etc) I draw during the month!

If you aren't interested on giveaways or extra rewards and you only want to pledge for one pack make sure to tell me which one you want! 
I am also planning to add more rewards in the future!

Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information or in case you have any doubts!

Thank you so much for your support,

Eme & Lluvia

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