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is creating Yoga classes, movement training, drawings, paintings
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I will share my favorite recipes each month that coincide with the seasons.  Being a yoga teacher, I've also studied Ayurvedic practices, and how to fuel the body properly as the seasons shift.  I'm also vegan and have found many creative ways to make all my favorite meat and cheese dishes in a healthier way.

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About Elizabeth Hartzell

Hey Patrons!
My name is Elizabeth Hartzell, and I'm a dancer, yoga teacher, personal trainer, painter, illustrator, tattoo artist, and amateur chef.  I have degree in painting and dance, and have been teaching yoga and fitness for over 8 years now.  Recently, I have started a new journey in my life.  Many years of traumatic losses of loved ones, and moving around have left me needing time to slow down and heal.  I'm taking this next year to focus on introspection, healing, learning to love myself more, and really focusing on the things that matter to me.  I want to invest my time in creating art, dance, and teaching workshops.  I have given up my full time job and my life in Austin in order to do this.  This page is to help support me during this process.  I don't want to feel the need to jump back into a full work load because of finances, and continue the pattern of not addressing my needs, and my health suffering for it.  I've opened up this platform to share my passions, continue to teach, share my story and healing journey, and find my voice.  Thank you all for your love, and support!!!
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