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About Emil Johansson, Elden roquim

Hello, me and my friend Elden roquim along with some other friends are launching our own game! 

We are making an rpg that is gonna be over the top and packed with humour but we also want it to be a bit challenging. We are two guys that live in sweden but neither of us are from here. Myself I come from our neighbor country norway and Elden comes all the way from the philipines. We have known eachother for 13 years now and we're both 19 so that's quite a while.

Anyways enough about us. We came up with this idea to make an rpg because well.... we were bored and so we began writing down what we would do in this rpg and just brainstormed while I worked on most of the artwork(The sprites you can see in our banner and profile picture).

We realize not everyone has money to throw at a couple of teens with a dream but we also have lives outside of this and I even have work so it's hard to find time to really sit down and do this. The goals are just there to be there it's not really something we think we'll ever achieve but every dollar helps :) Thank you for reading this and more updates will come soon.
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If we manage to make 100 dollars a month we can focus more on the game and make it a bigger priority than other stuff we have going on right now and updates would be more frequent.

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