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Gotta love Google Hang Out! So any one want to ask questions or just say "Hey there!" You can chat with me every other Sunday. Ask me anything out of the blue! I may have an answer ^_^
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Some things are easier to visualize than others, so why not have a live stream of the conception art? From Emmet to Umbris I'll share sketches of different pieces and hang out with you while I add a dash of color. (My ananomy is still in the works, so most of my sketches look more Anime than Life) This will be held every other sunday life-permitting.




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Hello, Everyone! First of all, Thank you for checking out my Patron Page!

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved reading. Give me a good book and I'll be lost in the pages for hours. Though it wasn't until I read the Eragon series and found out how young Christopher Paolini was when he published when I decided I wanted to give writing a shot.

I was instantly addicted! My wild imagination finally had a way to be expressed, and I loved watching how the stories I wrote formed on the pages. I had finished my first book when I was 16, but sadly getting it published is a lot harder than it looked and the project was put aside. Life got on when I started to really miss writing. I was pondering what to write when a wonderful "What If" Rabbit trail came to mind.

What would this world be like if Dragons lived among us? What would society be like? Why would it be run in that way? What would the villains be like? And why are they like that or have that opinion? I had to get writing before I lost this idea. And so, the first few chapters of Dragons of Shiveryn came to be.

I have been posting the story on Deviantart and WritersCafe.com and I was shocked to see how many views the story got and the feedback. But now that I have a small business starting, the story has been threatened to be put away much like my first story. I kept hearing about Patreon and noticed how popular it had gotten and decided to check it out. So, here I am! And I hope you all enjoy the story! It's been a blast to write and I look forward to sharing more chapters.

I'll try to post new Chapters on Mondays, and have Live Streams and Live Chats in Google Hang Out on Altering Sundays around 4:00 PM Mountain Daylight time. So I hope to see you all soon!
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Once I reach $80.00 a month, I'll give away one of my Poseable Siberian Psychic dragons! I'll do a drawing, and contact the winner of that drawing. Then they can pick if they want a random dragon or one based on their personality. Just become a Patreon and you're in the drawing! Have fun!
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