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        Hello & Welcome To My Patreon Page!

        Since 2008 I been creating fun, exciting and educational videos for people on Youtube. Although Youtube is a great platform for people to create great content, its not very good at supporting content creators.
        I really love making videos on topics that people care about. But creating videos take a lot of work. Many of the videos I have created on Youtube have gone viral. I want to create more fun, exciting and educational videos.

        I set up this Patreon page to enable you to help me create the best content I can. I have many ideas in the works but because of production costs, I am unable to bring them to fruition.

        Time is money people say and this turns out to be very true for my content. Every dollar you support me with means less time wasted on content- and community guideline issues and more time put into the next video.

        I value your support and participation in this great journey we are about to embark. 
        So thank you for your support! It is you and people like you who make my videos possible.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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