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is creating Collectible card game with RPG elements called Empire Patron
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About App Tech Innovations

App Tech Innovations is an indie studio that creating games and applications, in the last year and a half we are creating a game called Empire Patron.
We seek to release the Alpha of the game in 2019, and we need your help to accomplish this mission.

Some existing gameplay concept/reference
Gameplay test of the RPG and CCG style

On a distant planet an interstellar spacecraft fell and crashed to pieces, on this spaceship was a cargo with a dangerous power source.
The spacecraft was home to a highly intelligent nation called Indefinite who could only live underwater, they flew to collect resources from that planet, but something has gone wrong and they crushed on the planet.
The planet was populated with Humans next to the sea, Creatures in the mountains, Mystic inside the forests and Undead below the ground. All of them saw the spacecraft crash and started searches to find artifacts.
In order not to start an all-out war because of the artifacts, they chose warriors that will bring those artifacts-those warriors are called Empire Patrons.

In the collectible card game has five nations, at the beginning of the game you get to choose which of the five nations you’d like to play. In total, there are 100 different cards for every nation and five unique battle arenas on the release. There are two playing options, the first being a card game against the computer and the second being a card game Player vs Player.
Maps for example:
  • The first map is a climate changing map that affects the players and the map transformation.
  • The second map is a map that contains three towers from each side, and the goal is to destroy the enemy towers using warriors that are spawn in the moment cards are put down the spots assigned for warrior summoning.
The card game also has an RPG playing element for mining cards and resources in storyline battle arenas where you can hunt opponents and collect them as cards to your inventory these battle arenas are small open world locations where the storyline happened.

What the game will feature?
  • 5 nations.
  • 5 Emperors and their patrons.
  • 500 different cards in total (100 different cards for each nation).
  • 5 unique arenas in the card game.
  • 2 hours of background music in the CCG and hour of background music in the RPG.
  • Multi-language support.
  • 3 sentences/voices per card (when the card is summoned to the arena).
  • Player vs Player multiplayer in the card game.
  • Player vs AI in the card game.
  • A card game mixed with other genres (for example card game mixed with MOBA).
  • PC version.
  • Dozens of hours of card game multiplayer.
  • Dozens of special card effects and abilities.
  • RPG storyline battle arenas.

Dor Ferdman,
App Tech Innovations Founder
For more information please contact us:

[email protected]

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