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The TriForce Retires card signifies a moment in history where I retire from competitive gaming officially after winning the team's 2,000th win. After going 20-0 in the Cyberbox eSports League, it was the perfect time to step away from the virtual battlefield to focus on the brand team's overhaul. This card will be personally autographed.

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As the Most Documented Tournament Winning Team in eSports, certified and awarded by Guinness World Record: these commemorative eSports trading cards were create by the Father of eSports himself Walter Day to compliment the Guinness World Record associated with the team. Only 200 cards were printed. Only 150 are left in stock. This card is the first eSports team card to ever be graded and certified by Beckett, making it the first official eSports team card in the world. This card will be personally autographed.




per Content Management and Production

About Triforce Johnson

Project Bio: Empire Arcadia has come a long way in the gaming industry. After 13 years of competing in the growing competitive gaming scene also known as eSports; the team was certified and awarded by Guinness World Record, as the #1 winning video game team in the world. We are now overhauling the team's priority goal to focusing on the development of eSports infrastructures around the world. There are two methods to accomplishing this task for the team. The first method is use the team's Dynastic legacy to influence and set a precedence for competitive gaming in underdeveloped and underrepresented regions for eSports around the world. We will also cover the established eSports and general gaming scenes as a whole for new developments. The second method is to create media content that supports the infrastructure being set up. This content not only entertains but also informs and educates viewers about the growing eSports culture, community and industry. 

Content Growth Plan: After recently retiring from competitive gaming at the Cyberbox eSports League in Kingston Jamaica; I now look to use my experience throughout 3 generations of eSports to provide content that not only educates but stimulates the minds of our current audience and potential viewers. We are looking to service the demographic who are interested in the global history of eSports for it's past, present and the future.

I currently travel the world and interact with different gaming personalities that are both in the gaming community and industry. I want to create a platform and system that I can use to bring this content to viewers. These personalities and stories are vital to the further development of the eSports culture, community and industry. This is called "Project TriForce". Here are some of the regions and countries that I have recently been to from Jan 2014 to May 2015:

- France, London and United Kingdom
- United States (West Coast, Midwest and East Coast)
- Latin America/Caribbean (Jamaica and St. Maarten)
- Africa (Kenya and Morocco)

This unique content will attract a demographic that does not need the crutch of video games being played to subscribe to the channel. I plan on playing video games on the stream as well but it is not the focus. The quality of the content is very important in the development of the demographic that we seek. Below is a list of some of the media we have done around the world:



United States:



St. Maarten:

US National Television: (Cartoon Network)

Amazon and Hulu:

In conclusion Empire Arcadia would like to integrate its media portfolio and the marketability of its diverse outreach to help produce constructive content for a wide demographic of people interested in gaming. I can not make this transition for the team and organization with out your pledge to get the equipment to get started.
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The funding will be used to purchase the following equipment so that I am able to continue producing content via the brand team:
New Laptop
Video Capture Card
2 x Logitech Web Cameras
Green Screen
Laptop Carry Case
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