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About EMRYS' Debut album

Well, I've always loved to sing and come from a musical family, so here's my shot into the dark that I hope will find its way into the spotlight!  Living the dream, right?  I'm trying to build a group of followers, so even if you don't have the funds to support me financially, I would be so grateful if you listened to my work and gave feedback and support me by sharing and following me!  

I will be releasing a relaxing album of low-fi ukulele originals to brighten up your day, or lull you on to have positive dreams!  My inspiration is @Dodie.  So, please listen to my stuff and let's start our journey together <3 Check out my insta for a preview of originals: @fureliseemrys
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Sing you a preview of my new song <3  Money will be used towards album cover art! 
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