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Welcome to my page...who knows how the hell you got here. .3.

I'm just a young adult working her but off at two jobs (previously three) and trying to create fun, colourful, and slightly creepy content. I aspire to keep learning the art of art, but to also better myself in writing, cosplay and animating! I also dream to be an actress or even a Youtuber. An influencer of some sort!
I'm a big fan of theatre and movies, animals of all sort, villains, haunted/spooky stuff, music, and reading. There's actually a lot that I love and fangirl over. o.o

Currently I am working on three main comics/stories, a few fanfics, and some mini projects that no one really needs to care about.

Main Projects

Main Fanfics
Warrior Cats: Wind of the Night
Warrior Cats: Sparrow
Warrior Cats: Clans of the Terra

VELVET - Velvet is the story of a young cat who aims to do something bigger than herself. When she stumbles across something she wasn't supposed to find, she offers her services to find a very important missing character. She finds herself learning more about the world she never thought she could learn, and even learns some things she probably shouldn't have.

PYNDORA - Pyndora follows a young scientist who finds herself through a portal of her own creation. She ends up in a world much stranger than the Earth she is used to and decides to learn everything she can, for better or worse. She will make enemies and allies and in the end, will have to decide who to trust. Is the Demon-WItch as bad as everyone says she is? 

MERCURY - see here: https://www.patreon.com/mercurycomic

Now! Let's get down to your pledges!!

$1 - Thank you!
You give me a little bit of support, but honestly, it helps!
$3 - Discord Access
You get access to a private Discord channel where I give you neat nicknames and talk about my projects and share memes and tiktok vids. :D
$5 - Monthly pins!
Every month, you get an exclusive pin relative to what I create!
$10 - Monthly stickers!
You get a sticker each month related to the content I create!
$15 - Spoiler Content!
You get infos no one but myself and maybe my family/friends are privy to!! ;o;
$25 - Private Streams!
Heck yeah! Private streams where you can watch me draw and banter. You can ask me questions or we'll talk about my projects. Spoiler warning! 
$50 - Monthly Sketch Request!
You get a monthly sketch request! These will be drawn during the monthly stream and can only consist of my characters. I will not make profit on my patreon of someone else's characters.

Okie doke! I can't think of what else to add yet, but I'm sure something will come up!
Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you'll want to pledge! c:

If you wish, check out my deviantART! ALL of my artwork is over there. :3

Okay, thanks!

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Pays rent so I can focus more funds on my projects such as cosplay and making videos!!
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