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The magical fountain
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  • Digital artbook of that month illustrations and sketches. 
  • A coloring page, usually of that month’s selected drawing. (For digital use, but you can also print on paper and color the traditional way)
  • Boranda Sneakpeak (WIP of the manga Boranda)
  • Access to the Patreon Only Post
  • Lots of love and appreciation from me :D.




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Hi there!

Do you also love the manga drawing-style and does it make you happy to be surrounded with items that contain illustrations of this beautiful drawing-style?

My name is Chantal, also known as EnChantalled. I love to make people happy with my manga style illustrations on all kinds of products like, bags, shirts, wallets, buttons and even dresses!
I’m always searching for new products to put my joyful illustrations on… Well, most of the time they have a happy theme. I also love to draw fantasy, adventure, friendships, love, cute stuff and funny stuff.

Just as long it makes you feel happy, wondering, uplifting or just a little bit enchanted. That’s what I’m aiming for.

At the moment I have one tier.

The magical fountain.

Once upon a time you stumbled onto a magical fountain. The beauty, the view, they are simply magnificent! You look down at the water and you see joyful manga drawings. They make you feel so much happier! For some reason, you take a coin and throw it in the fountain. Immediately a magical drawing girl appears… Oh wait… That’s me… and she gives you a present. A little later on, around the first week of the month, she gives you:

  • A digital artbook of that month illustrations and sketches.
  • A coloring page, usually of that month’s selected drawing. (For digital use, but you can also print it on paper and color the traditional way)
  • Boranda Sneakpeak
  • Access to Patreon only post
  • Lots of love and appreciation :D.

What is Boranda, Sneak Peek?

Boranda is one of the manga (comics) I’m working on and I give you a sneak peek of the manga and my working process. At the moment I’m at the storyboarding and concept art phase. It is so much fun and I don’t show anything of it on my social media or the Weekly EnChantalled. It is exclusively for my magical fountain art collectors. :D

The Artbook.

It will be about 5 to 15 pages long. And it includes that month's illustrations and sketches. Not all sketches will become finished drawings. But whether they do or not, they are still beautiful to behold and that is why I want to share them with you.

Coloring page.

Have fun coloring! Whether you do it digitally or print it and color traditionally. Just don’t remove my logo, please, as I still own the copyright of the line art. If you like, show me your creation! I love to see what beautiful illustrations you can make with my coloring pages. #EnChantalled

Automatically each and every month until you want to stop.

And on the first of every month, magically, you’ll won’t have to make any effort, you will throw another coin into the magical fountain and the magical drawing girl will spoil you a week later with the drawings and gifts of that month. And she continues to do so until you decide to stop. (which is very easy).

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?! If you like to join my magical fountain tier, just subscribe! And join my exclusive community!

Thank you so much!

Chantal (EnChantalled)

Webshop: www.enchantalled.com
An English version of my webshop wil be available soon.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enchantalled/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Enchantalled
I live in the Netherlands.
My Patreon page will be in English.
My social Media is mostly in Dutch.

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