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EnMotion brings to you traditional art forms and healing wisdom from around the globe offering one of a kind artistic creations, community events and web based classes on general wellness & art therapies from a Depth Psychology lens.

Thank you so much for believing in me and opening yourself to aiding in this work.

So who is Ayita, and what is this all about?!
I am a writer, an artist, a seeker, and a student of psychology. I am also a person trying to heal my chronic illness (referred to in the US as Fibromyalsia). Now, after the completion of my MA in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life (a program rooted in Depth Psychology) and after a decade of seeking healing, I feel inspired to take what I've learned and create something new, something rooted in a more global perspective. 

I invite you to become a vital part of that work.

Help me reach Chiang Mai, Thailand and Solna, Sweden in 2018.

This jumping off point for my journey and the birth of EnMotion: A Global Art & Healing Initiative is a rich center for digital nomadism among other art and soul based practices I'd like to bring you. I am also planning to start in Northern Thailand in particular because it is home to 5 different hill-tribes who create amazing Lanna crafts and textiles, bringing these traditional art forms and the wisdom of this very different cultural context to you.

Tile, Lanna Style, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have some community there already, as well as in several other nations I plan to explore and share with you in order to bring you a diversity of art and psyche approaches like you may never have seen before. I am not going blindly into this new found territory. I am going with a plan!
  • Learn digital marketing, intuitive entrepreneurship, and best practices for running the most engaging online courses. (My teacher is waiting for me in Thailand)
  • Begin a vlog of my travel experiences so you can learn right along with me!
  • Create and sell my own one of a kind works inspired and created on location and offer community art & psyche events on location with other artists and healers.

Sweden has been ranked in the top 10 nations for health and wellness in the world. It's home to one of the top medical schools in the world, and has a growing health tourism industry. People travel here to get well and they do. But what makes Sweden and nations like it so healthy? This is what we'll be here to find out.
  • Discover what makes Sweden so healthy and find out what local MDs & Psychiatric professionals have to say about why the US misses the mark so completely and what we can do to change that.
  • Work with local healers and artists to discover what really works in the mind & body wellness space and what research is being done to back this up. 

I am looking cover a month in Thailand first (approx $5k) to get our website, platform and budget established, then a month in Sweden (approx $3k) to find the best in health and wellness the world has to offer. My goal is to more fully establish for you what exactly I can bring into your world and how global arts practices rooted in sound psychological & health theory can bring balance to mind and body, not only for the "artist" but for all. Once trainings and content are complete from the Thailand & Sweden trips I will then evaluate the needs of moving forward more closely and, using what I've learned, offer a more comprehensive business plan and funding goal for the next 5 nation explorations.

A little extra note from my heart to yours:

I humbly ask for your leap of faith here. I know that arts based research and practice can change our lives for the better. It changed mine completely leading me down a road of self discovery and of such hope that every day I believe more and more that dreams CAN be reached. For the first time in some years I am letting myself even dream at all...I know many of you know exactly what I mean.
I hope for the same opening for you!

I also know that there is knowledge in the wellness space that is less known to citizens in the US and that there are people here who are sick that don't have to be. I know that down this road lies not only what I can offer the world, but also a much greater experience of health for us all. 

For more on my personal journey please visit: ayitaenmotion.wordpress.com 

Come take my hand and let's create something beautiful and inspire the world.

***This work has been inspired in no small part by Pacifica Graduate Institute of Santa Barbara, CA, the Art of Allowing Academy online and the Wild Women Symposiums of Salt Lake City, UT. Thanks you so much to so many amazing teachers and loving guides.

Risks and challenges

Emergency contacts and guides have been pre-established in several nations and LLC status is underway. All finances for EnMotion will be kept separate and managed under the LLC. 

As I, Ayita Laurelle, am honoring a body struggling with Fibromyalsia, you will notice a natural ebb and flow to the work being completed and released. This is a healthy balance for such bodies and frankly for most bodies to varying degrees. I respect this need for myself and my collaborators as well as encourage such balance in the lives of my readers, patrons and clients. I am also committed to setting an example to industry at large of creating working experiences that can be done by people of diverse ability or resource.

Thank you again for making all of this possible and for loving me through this journey.
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When I reach $100/mo, EnMotion will be able to officially incorporate! Separate entity accounts will be able to be established and your investment and mine will be protected. I will celebrate by sending all my donors a video and thank you gift. This will be the true birthday of EnMotion and you WILL BE INVITED to the party!
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