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Talk to us over Skype or another application of your choosing once a month for 30 minutes. While we're happy to talk about any topic, including topics unrelated to health, we also offer specific advice for a number of health issues. These include, but are not limited to:

-Persistently feeling cold or having cold extremities

-Low sex drive and other sexual problems

-Fatigue and low energy levels

-Hair loss

-Sleep problems

-Difficulty achieving healthy body composition

-Mood disorders like anxiety and depression

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We are the duo of Rhys and Maurits, from the United Kingdom and Netherlands respectively. Driven initially by the spark of necessity to recover our own failing health, it was soon the greater spark of interest that drove us to learn more, especially once we found ourselves back at relative equilibrium. We all come from different walks of life, and sadly the medical system is simply unequipped to effectively handle the resultant chronic, albeit lower-level health issues we will all likely experience at some point. Especially being young, one's health issues are often either not taken seriously or outright dismissed. One is told nothing is out of the ordinary, unless things fail truly radically. Around a year ago, we started posting interesting research excerpts at Energy and Structure, highlighting some of the things that piqued our own interest. Topics have included upstream/downstream thyroid hormone metabolism, regulation of body temperature, fertility, sexual dynamics, future medicine, sleep, and more. Our continued aim is to independently explore health optimization, through both current and future modalities.

While we're happy to talk about any topic, including topics unrelated to health, we also offer specific advice for a number of health issues. These include, but are not limited to:

Contrary to the posts we produce, our consultations emphasize relatively simple lifestyle modifications over complex tweaking of small variables. Many people today are missing the ability to sense their own bodies and auto-regulate towards better health. This leads to people putting their faith in diets and other lifestyle practices, even if upon closer inspection they would have to conclude these practices aren't actually making them feel good. This ability to listen to bodily feedback is a skill that will in all likelihood remain crucial for the foreseeable future, if one is to gain better health. Our primary objective is to re-instill this skill in people, in addition to acting as an external source of feedback and information. Please note that nothing we say constitutes or is a replacement for medical advice. 

Having both taken ourselves from states of very disrupted health to a good place, we want to tentatively see if we can help others. We do not feel it's right to charge for doing this initially, as we have no experience to tell us directly of how much use we can be to others. We're looking to gain some experience and feedback, to see how we wish to move forward. The 1 dollar serves as a symbolic token of interest, rather than a true payment.

We will soon move forward and expand Energy and Structure to include a website and podcast. In addition, we may expand what we offer through Patreon depending on the feedback and level of interest we receive. We would want to pursue creating a number of video courses in the future, and additional research-highlight posts for patrons. 
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