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Peeping Tom Tier
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Do you love my music but are Impatient as shit? If you buy this tier, it will allow you access to the following:

1. Previews, WIPs and drafts of my music and art, as well as secret lore and plot points being added in almost real time

2. Messages, Stories and some other junk i will say that only you guys will hear

3. a special discord role!!!! whaaaaaa?!?!?!

4. Bragging rights

Includes Discord rewards
Big Boy Bustle!
per month

wow! you must really like my music if you are spending 10 dollery doos on me! that or you saw the offer ahead of time. This tier will give you all the rewards from the first one, but now you get to have a custom 5 to 40 second soundbite/intro thing tailored your liking!

yeah you get a free mini song from this tier. hell yeah.

Includes Discord rewards
Full throttle friends til the very end
per month

Similar to the previous two, you get all of the things one would usually get from a follow, but this one comes with the ultimate bonus! 

This tier will get you a full 3 - 9 minute long song, also tailored to your liking! how fun!

Includes Discord rewards




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About Engine

It is in my personal believe that advertisements are for people that care more about money than themselves or others. that being said, i am creating a patreon so i can get money through a more honest means. advertisers don't care about the creator, they care more about the number that the creator has and looks at them as a blank billboard. I'd rather get money from people who love me for what i do rather than numbers, then i will feel more content. 

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