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About Engineering Explained

Check out the video above!

So what are my plans, and what do I need funding for? I’m looking to better educate the world on how cars work. EVERYTHING about cars. Different components, performance upgrades, different models, and even race cars or prototype vehicles. If it has to do with the automotive world, I want to teach you everything about it. Check out the video above for a glimpse at some of the things my channel teaches about. 

Now if you don’t have the ability to give anything, don’t feel obligated at all! I want people who want to see this channel grow, because they learn from it and find it valuable, to invest in that value. There are also rewards for patrons each of the different price tiers.

This Patreon page will show you my goals, and if I reach those goals, the channel will be directly impacted. If the monthly donation amount reaches $2,500, I will guarantee an additional video every week (that’s two times the learning!). That’s only 1 in every 74 subscribers donating $1/month. Or one in every 370 subscribers donating $5/month. Or 1% of subscribers donating $1.35/month. Or - sorry, sometimes I get a bit carried away in the math...

Now I really want to make this work out, and I recently decided to start devoting my full time towards it. That’s right, I quit my cushiony engineering job that promised a big house and nice cars in favoring of teaching the world how cars work. If you can help at all, it is tremendously appreciated.

Thank you for your support!!

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