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Thank you so much for supporting the podcast. Every dollar certainly helps. Your support goes a long way in helping to keep the podcast going. Now that you have taken action to support 'Enjoy Life' take action in your own life to create one you'll enjoy.
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I will create a page on the blog with a list of contributors. You will be on this list. I will thank the list of contributors in podcast episodes.
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Get help with your goals. Are you taking steps to create a life you can enjoy? Have you defined your goals? What will you need to do in order to achieve your goals? We will get on the phone and talk about what steps you are taking to get what you want in life and what steps you will commit to taking. We can break large goals into milestones and objective, figure out the "Why" motivating your goals, or simply monitor your progress along the way. This is to help with accountability and planning.




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About Nick Maizy

My name is Nick Maizy. I'm the host of the Enjoy Life podcast. My focus is to help people create a life story they can enjoy. I believe the ability to enjoy life comes through perspective, attitude, and action. I hope you join in the journey.      

If you're here because you listen to the Enjoy Life podcast and want to help support it, thank you. You can click the Become a Patron link to the right and pledge any monthly amount. Every dollar helps to pay the costs of hosting a webpage and podcast. Patreon makes it really easy to sign up. Thank you for your support.   

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My request is simple. Please check out the Enjoy Life podcast and try to create a life that you enjoy. If it is able to provide any value to you, please share it with someone. The content is and will remain free. At the same time there are many costs associated with the site and podcast and any financial support will certainly help a great deal. To support just click the Become a Patron link to the right to help support the content. The pledge is on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time. 

Click here to read a little more about me and where I'm coming from.

Thank you,

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I will create a 'Thank You' video thanking you for your help and support. This milestone will be a huge encouragement for me to keep creating the Enjoy Life podcast because it shows people find value in the podcast. Thank you.
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