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About David F Gray

New conceptual approaches to the Enneagram types and Instincts.  Having studied and worked with the Enneagram for 30 years, as well as authoring and designing the Enneagram website EnneaSite.com, over the last 5 years my thinking has landed in a vivid symbolic overlap between the Instincts (or Instinctual Variants) and a central ancient Buddhist symbol known as the Bhavachakra (or the Wheel of Life).  

At the center of this Wheel is a pig, a snake, and a rooster, chasing each other in a circle and biting each other’s tails. Traditionally, as a set of base 'elements' that form the core Bhuddist spiritual precepts, these animals are said to represent ignorance/delusion (pig), aversion/hatred (snake), lust/desire/grasping (rooster).  However, a second glance shows another layer -- an intuitive relationship between the characteristics of these three creatures and the typological qualities of the Instincts (Self-Preservation, Sexual, Social).

Tying in the Buddhist philosophical worldview illuminated by this Symbol and the insights into the Three Instincts that these allegorical animals represent, my proposition is that, at the axle of this Great Wheel, in symbolic space we’re essentially glimpsing into the psychic source matter that forms the rut that is our personal psychology. The snake, pig, and rooster represent the primordial ‘electricity’ and raw materials that animate the structural framework of our typology and personal psychology.

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