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Thanks for donating with the spare change you've probably found in your couch. For donating $1/month you'll be granted Early Access and be able to see new videos TWO days before they go live! You'll also receive access to Patron polls and have a say in my new Let's Plays!

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Thanks for the contribution that can at least buy me a cup of coffee! Benefits of the $2 tier are identical to that of the $1 tier. Here's hoping you'll be nice enough to toss a few more cents my way.   ;-)

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Wow, that's very kind of you! For $5 per video you'll get the Early Access Pass, the chance to vote in Patron polls...PLUS a mention in a Patreon credits (and plug for your own YouTube channel if applicable) at the end of every video.
**SEE DISCLAIMER on Overview page




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NOTICE: Effective August 1, 2019 all new Patrons will be charged up-front.

So...What's it all about?

Help a guy quit his day job and enjoy some retro games in the process. Got a lazy afternoon with nothing to do? Sit back and enjoy a playthrough of classic games without all the bells and whistles. Just one guy doing what he loves.

Hold on a minute there Sparky...You just want us to pay your rent don't you?
Not at all! That "quit his day job" thing was just a bad joke...Anyway, this channel and Let's Plays are something I do for fun and because people enjoy them and, while a little extra incentive is greatly appreciated, it is by no means necessary for this channel's existence.

But you've been on YouTube since 2008. Why are you suddenly on Patreon?
The short answer to that question is...I want to see how far I can take this channel. Folks, I'm not trying to be PewDiePie or Markiplier here. I'd be okay with a respectable following of about 10,000-20,000 subs. This is a growing channel and I need some financial backing if I want to improve the quality of my videos for you. Plus, I can try branching out and doing different videos such as reviews, reactions, lists, etc.

Understandable. How much are you asking then?
ONE DOLLAR per month! I'm not in dire straits when it comes to finances...Unfortunately, at the same, I cannot CURRENTLY provide incentives for high donation amounts which is why I ask so little.

Your "rewards" suck!
That's not a question, but okay...See above! I would actually love to do bigger incentives (i.e. giveaways) but I need heavy financial backing in order to make that happen.

Is there anything I can do besides/in addition donating?
YES! If you like what I do please share my videos and get the word out. Show them to your friends, family, neighbors and even your dog! Dogs like Goldeneye, right?

That's it?
Yup. That's it!

*DISCLAIMER (as of Jan 5, 2019)*
- If you contribute to the $5 tier or higher, I reserve the right to refuse to plug your channel/etc. at my discretion (i.e. channels with ANY political and/or religious themes or other divisive topics will be denied)
- As of Jan 2019, "Patron Plug" will only be applied to "Main Series" videos (Let's Play and Goldeneye modding). Any 'one-off' video or smaller project will NOT have "Patron Plug".

$25 of $500 per month
Let's start small! As of this writing I have 3,200 subs on YouTube. I don't even need 1/4th of you to contribute at ANY level to reach this goal!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts

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