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About Epic Brian

Hello Everyone! This is Epic Brian

I''ve recently started making videos but I want to make more, and I'll be deeply thankful to everyone who helps me doing that.
I currently have three channels, Epic Brian Plays, Epic Brian The Librarian, and Epic Brian The Historian; I'm only active on the first two, but soon enough I'll be uploading on the last one
Although all these channels have different purposes all will share expenses on the equipment/technical side of, for instance I don't have a PC so I have to use my brother's.

Epic Brian Plays is a channel on which I play videogames, is a more chill and casual type of channel and with your help I'll be able to play more games!

Epic Brian The Librarian is a channel where I want to do reviews, openings, unboxings and analysis of books, tabletop games, tcg games and other stuff, you can expect to see Dungeons and Dragons, Magic The Gathering, all kinds of books and games! With your help I can aquire more stuff to review!

Epic Brian The Historian is my passion project, it aims to be an educational channel with content about History, I will probably be focused but not limited to, Ancient History. I've always loved history, and with your help I will also be able to keep researching and studying, giving it the time and effort that creting quality videos requires.

Thank you for considering being a patreon, thank you for reading this, and thank you to all the people that help me in any way they can, without you none of this would be possible.

With the kindest regards to everyone

Epic Brian