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Hi Guys,
Welcome to our Patreon page. With your help we are going to make the following Mechanical Marvels, please note, you will also be able to manufacture them alongside us (please read the reward tiers)  -
- the worlds smallest Jet Engine (approx 1 inch/25mm in diameter), we are also working on a slightly larger 1.5 inch/40 mm model. Please let your friends in the RC/Drone community know about this project, they may find it very interesting :). Our banner image shows our current progress with the 3d model, we are just about ready to send the model for 3d printing to test the fit of all parts.

- an electricity generating gasoline powered Tesla Turbine  (we currently manufacture and sell the worlds most popular Tesla Turbine which has been clocked at over 1300 revolutions PER SECOND)
-  an engine that is small enough to sit on top of an ice cube and that will also function using the COLD of that ice cube (we currently manufacture the worlds smallest engine of this kind but we want to go smaller and to manufacture it completely out of aluminium)
-  the 21st century version of the drinking bird which could theoretically be powered by The Ocean and has a very high torque rating
-  a rotary Stirling Engine that could revolutionize the renewable energy industry
-   and many more projects besides.

With your patronage we will have access to all of your combined knowledge, we can avail of the tools needed to create these machines and the finances that will allow us to conjure these creations into reality. As you can imagine, designing and building machines like those mentioned above takes many hours of designing, redesigning, prototyping and re-prototyping, this has weighed a large financial burden upon us and without your help we would have no choice but to cease these operations - something which we really do not want to do, both for ourselves and for the community at large.
Thank you,
The Epic Physics Team
2% complete
When we reach this goal we will have the finances required to buy all materials (bearings,shafts etc),  to 3d print all of our current models in a highly detailed plastic to test clearances, tolerances and the fit of all parts. This will also allow us to keep working on all projects without any delay or financial burden on our part. When we are happy with these models all files will be forwarded on to our Patrons.
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