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Why I am starting Patreon?
I have been considering making a Patreon for some time but somehow always talk myself out of it when I begin making my page. I think the reason why I have always steered away from Patreon is because I have never been one to ask for support but instead; tackle any challenge head-on on my own (very much like the way I play video games). It has come to my attention however that in order for me to produce more entertaining, thought provoking and polished content on my YouTube channel more often; I require the necessary financial stability to do so.

What Patreon will mean for me and you?

If you decide that you enjoy my YouTube content and you want to support me financially, then great but I think it's worth you knowing what that support does for me. One thing I have very little of right now is Time. I work a full time job like most people but when I finish a day's work, I come home and create entertaining content, which can take anywhere from 2-10 hours to create, edit and upload to YouTube. All of this is done in the minimal free time I have and with a PC that takes anywhere from 20 mins to 2 hours to render any one video. Just to put the icing on the cake, I have recently moved into a brand new house, in a brand new area here in the UK, with no fibre broadband. To put that into a perspective for you; a 4 minute video takes roughly 4 hours to upload to YouTube. This means I have to travel 2 miles almost every day to my brothers and he uploads my videos for me. Your support would really help mitigate that precious time I have and allow me to save towards a much better PC and maybe one day, towards moving house to somewhere which will allow to upload more frequently. Your support will allow me to start streaming, upgrade a lot of my hardware that is out-dated and produce content more often.

Not doing Reward tiers

One thing that always stopped me from starting a Patreon page was reward tiers because I simply cannot offer anymore that what I am right now. That's not to say I won't be able to in the future and if I do get your support, maybe I will be able to get a much better PC and better internet a lot sooner than I am anticipating. I have set up some very basic reward tiers and donating more will not reap you any further rewards; it's just a chance for you to show your support. You can follow me on Twitter or invite my in game on Xbox and I will gladly talk with you. If I have time then I will gladly join you in game and play with you. 


My YouTube channel has really grown in the last year or so and I have recently achieved a major milestone that I had set of 10,000 subscribers. Thank you to everyone for your support. Whther you have subscribed to me on YouTube or followed me on Twitter or just watched my videos from time to time, it's your support that has allowed me to thrive, not just on YouTube but in life. It's a crazy feeling knowing that 10,000 people have watched my video's and thought, hmmm... I will click this little subscribe button because I want to see more from this person. It's amazing doing what I do and I want to keep doing it. Thanks again! 

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