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About Equestria NOW

Equestria NOW is a community & website that was started back in the summer of 2014 to bring together fans and foes alike into one place to put aside differences and become friends and enjoy life!
It was all started by Michael Graham, the current founder and owner of EQN.
For almost 4 years, we have had the passion to help others, promote our wonderful fandom, and of course, promote a better community!

You can socialize with others through our Discord, Community, Comments, & even catch up on episodes! 

Why and how you should support us:
  • We absolutely love supporting the fandom and everypony big or small!

  • Say NO to ads! We stick to our word when we say, we hate ads. That said, we promise to never implement ads to our website so you can enjoy our website instead ti the fullest!

  • If your a contributor we will find ways to promote any content you produce through our website, Deviant art, or other forms of social media!

  • Enjoy streaming of episodes, promoted content on our YouTube channel, and much more!

You can even go as far as joining our team to help support our cause and project! We would be greatly appreciative to have you with us!

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We would love to keep giving everypony access to everything if we have a way to maintain, especially if we don't use ads for revenue. Catch my drift?
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