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is creating custom paint jobs for consoles/pcs and gaming hardware

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Goodness! Thank you so much! Tell ya what. I'll do a caricature drawing of you, either traditional or digital, along with a personal video thanking you, by name, for your contribution! A picture is required to do this so send me a picture on the Eraser Burn Facebook page or at [email protected]




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I'm a typical 23 year old man living in Pueblo, Colorado! Ultimately I just wanna be able to live out the rest of my life doing what I love, art! Not just the traditional art, but digital & video edits too! As time goes on my dream is to start a business painting consoles and PCs along with gaming hardware like controllers or headsets! When I can sustain myself and my family with my business I plan to take 10-15% of all my monthly income and use it all to donate to charities or just go around my community helping people who are less fortunate. Come with me and check out my content while helping me make a difference in my community. If you wanna support me and my goals then hit me up for a commission or visit to donate towards my cause!!!

Phillip Jaso Jr CEO/Founder of Eraser Burn Renditions
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Let's start off by achieving a small yet important goal. $100 a month will help me out tremendously with kickstarting my business!
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