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Hey Everybody! Fuck. This is a lot like writing the intro to your dating profile so I'll do my best to leave out the fact that I'm a nice guy and other generic cliches. I am an electrician by trade but I truly love to write but was told by my beloved, now deceased, grandmother that I will never make money writing so I'm giving this a try now. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA! I've got a couple of novels started on my trusty old laptop as well as a veritable shit ton of poems and lyrics that I think could be compiled into a pretty interesting work themselves. I've been told by a few that what I write is "good" and asked by others "Why the hell aren't you published?" SO, here I am. I'm not giving up my day job, not just yet, but I would love to make it easier for me to take time off and write. My goal, as is every writer's goal on this planet, is to write full time and not "work," but I'm not deluding myself. I would like to be able to work part time and do this the rest of the time so, let's see if we can make a run for it! I'll do my best to keep you updated as to the progress of what's going on with the stories and with my life which is constantly full of surprises. Let's take this ride together and see where it ends up, shall we?
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When I get to 10 patrons I'll post pictures of me and my cat with self defeating commentary to my twitter account so smash that fucking follow button, yo!!!
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